Välkommen! Denna blogg är administerad av en hedning som heter William (eller Vilhjálmr). Jag fokuserar på ämnen om fornnordiska mytologi och tro, båda modern och historisk. Det finns också mycket information om runor. Om vill du läsa mer om mig eller läsa mina viktiga artiklar, var snäll och följa de länkar nedanför. Skål!

Again, in English:

Welcome! This blog is run by a practicing reconstructionist Heathen named William. I focus on education about topics in Norse mythology and religion, both historical and modern, and there is a lot on the subject of runes. For more information on me, or to read my major runic study posts, please follow the links below.

Note: I focus on academic scholarship in my study of Norse religion, gods, etc. For the most part, my posts will not usually take UPG into account. I also focus on Scandinavian culture, particularly Swedish, in my practice, so please keep these things in mind when reading. Ha det bra!



Dalahäst / Cecilia Larsson/imagebank.sweden.se


Dalahäst / Cecilia Larsson/imagebank.sweden.se

Jag velat studera svenska ikväll, men en vän har min bok, och mesta av mina svenska vänner har inte vaknat upp eller förmodligen vill inte samtala ännu. Fan. Rosetta Stone är snäll, men jag vill också lyssna på musik. >.<

Vargtimmen (The Wolf Hour), performed by Swedish folk band Hedningarna.

Jättebra låt och band!

Sommaren kommer snart att sluta.
Sommaren kommer snart att somna.

Found a picture of myself taken at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire.Photo credit: Gary Neiss

Found a picture of myself taken at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire.

Photo credit: Gary Neiss

Anonymous asked
Is the guy calling himself "Raven Kaldera" worth anything ?

I have heard a lot about Kaldera, but never read anything of his personally. I looked a little bit around his website, though, and it seemed to give the same sort of impression as what I have heard about him. That said, it really depends on what you are going for. As far as reconstructionist practices go, I would say don’t really bother. He seems to incorporate a lot of his UPG into his writing without really telling the reader where he has and has not done so. I know that he is more popular in the Northern Tradition Pagan community, but since I am not really involved there I have not had much exposure.

If you want more information, Lokavinr is someone I know who has at least written more concerning him, so you might ask her.

Anonymous asked
Do you have any opinion on the Rune Learning Cards by Living Magick Publishing Company?

I apologize for taking so long to get to this!

I don’t personally have experience with these, though I think I have seen them a few times before. Amazon has a few photo samples of cards, so I took a look at them to refresh my memory.

From what I can see, if all you are looking for is a quick reference sheet (which I suppose is what flash cards are usually for), then I can see them being useful; however, there is a lot missing as far as them being a primary source or tool for learning. The lack of rune poems is a big one, but again, as flash cards I suppose that would be too much. There are certain runes that I usually use as markers to judge the quality of the source, and *perþo is one of them which is also included in the sample photos. While it has things in it that I see pretty commonly and that are not really based in lore, it at least gives proper attention to the dice-cup/chance association. I would say, personally, that if you are interested in them then give it a shot, but definitely back it up with other sources to fill in what they lack.