Välkommen! Denna blogg är administerad av en hedning som heter William (eller Vilhjálmr). Jag fokuserar på ämnen om fornnordiska mytologi och tro, båda modern och historisk. Det finns också mycket information om runor. Om vill du läsa mer om mig eller läsa mina viktiga artiklar, var snäll och följa de länkar nedanför. Skål!

Again, in English:

Welcome! This blog is run by a practicing reconstructionist Heathen named William. I focus on education about topics in Norse mythology and religion, both historical and modern, and there is a lot on the subject of runes. For more information on me, or to read my major runic study posts, please follow the links below.

Note: I focus on academic scholarship in my study of Norse religion, gods, etc. My posts will not usually take UPG into account, so please keep that in mind when reading.

Also, I can be considered tribalist in my views in that I believe that understanding and embracing the appropriate Germanic culture(s) to one's practice is vital to a fulfilling experience and understanding of Heathenism, Ásatrú, Forn Sed, etc. That said, I have no time for misguided folkish bullshit. To those who are new and have picked up that label, please do some research to find out exactly why you are better off without it. To the others, I do not welcome you and I will never embrace your views.


This is the horn that I was so sad to actually send out.


24” Drinking Horn

Outer Envirotex Lite varnish: Add $10 (Let me know and we can work out the payment)

Holds ~.6-1L

Great for use as a drinking vessel for renaissance faires, fantasy/sci fi events, blots or just general use!

Includes inner beeswax coating as well as a design of the buyer’s choice inscribed and polishing.

Rinse thoroughly after use; hand wash, do not scrub.

Warning: DO NOT drink hot liquids, hard alcohol or highly carbonated drinks (beer is okay, but soda is too much) from this horn. Beeswax will hold up well under normal and cold temperatures, but will melt in the presence of heated liquids; strong alcohol and carbonation may damage the coating.

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